Zylkène 450mg – 30 Capsules (Dog)


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Dosage of cylkene 450 mg. Dogs between 15 kg and 30 kg 1 capsule per day, dogs between 30 kg and 60 kg 2 capsules/day Zylkène is a supplementary feed for dogs and cats, which helps to cope with anxiety and stress situations and can be used preventatively against preventively against preventive stress periods. Cylkene contains alpha casocepine, which is made of milk protein. MULTI-PURPOSE – This product is designed to help dogs and cats in stressful situations or stressful periods. Such situations are: thunderstorm/noise pollution New Year’s Eve / fireworks (see articles for fireworks anxiety) kennel conservation new environment, new people or animals in the household, animal pension, depression attitude of several pets, recovery periods after medical procedures, lactation, alone, car travel, holiday and other changes in the habits of the animal. Signs of anxiety in dogs and cats. Digestive disorders: hands-on, irritable bowel syndrome. Skin problems: wound licking, skin itching associated with atopic dermatitis. Cardiovascular system: hyperventilation, heart turf, mitral endocarditis. Urinary tract infections. Diseases of the central nerve system. Lactose or Preservatives. Cylkène is administered orally (as a supplement). The capsules contain a tasty powder that is water-soluble. The capsules can be administered completely, but it is better to administer cylkène over the food. The capsules can be easily opened and the water-soluble powder can be mixed under the food. Start of administration To minimise the influence of short-term stress (e.g. stay in animal boarding, New Year’s Eve), the administration of Zylkène should be started at least 1-2 days before the stress to be expected. For long-term stress problems, it is recommended to give Zylkène for an initial period of 1-2 months, if necessary. a-Casocepine – the active ingredient of Zylkène

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